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Nutrimental was founded in 1968 in Brazil by launching different brands such as Nutribom, Nutrilac Baby cereal and others.Nutrimental has always been part of the daily lives of its consumers with healthy, delicious and practical foods.

Nutribom is an allied and trusted brand for moms. A line of products aimed at infant feeding, nutritious and healthy, as well as practical and tasty. Nutribom in 5 different flavours which have an important and adequate source of vitamins and minerals for each age group of consumers and especially for baby six months plus.

Nutrilac is the brand of the Nutritional Milky Flour in 4 different flavours which can be prepared in your own way: like in fruits, in vitamins or added to your recipes. Delicious and versatile food supplement, Nutrilac is highly nutritious and rich in vitamins and iron for baby six months plus.